Rossi Pets Bakery offers customers various types of coupons for different purposes. Are they:
  • Refund Coupons
  • Promotional Campaign Coupons
  • Balance accumulation coupons
  • Refund Coupons
They are an option offered by Rossi Pets Bakery to speed up the refund to the customer. They take the form of alphanumeric codes and are provided by the Customer Service through the helpdesk. These coupons are the result of handling incidents relating to products shipped by Rossi Pets Bakery or returns made by customers and always assume the amount paid for the product in question, discounting it on an upcoming order. These coupons expire 12 months after creation and allow multiple use. This way, the coupon will only be inactive when the balance and / or application validity has expired.
The use of this coupon type does not prevent the simultaneous use of the other coupons mentioned.
Promotional Campaign Coupons
Allow customers to enjoy promotions advertised through Rossi Pets Bakery’s direct media such as email or social networks, or through Rossi Pets Bakery partners or representatives.
They are presented in the form of codes, which may be alphanumeric or exclusively alphabetic.
Promotions earned through this type of coupon are immediately reflected in the shopping cart, whether it is an effective discount on the order value or the addition of gift products.
The validity and use of this type of coupon is specific to each campaign and is subject to conditions in the media.
Balance accumulation coupons
Designed to enable customers to better manage their purchases at Rossi Pets Bakery.
Although they may also fall into the category of promotional campaign coupons, their mechanics are completely different from previous ones. Thus, the only similarity is that they result from promotional campaigns that Rossi Pets Bakery makes available to the customer.
Rossi Pets Bakery allows the customer to accumulate balance in the form of a discount coupon. On the total value of products paid by the customer and identified for the promotional campaign, as well as the percentage defined for it, the value corresponding to the discount percentage is calculated and a code is applied for the next order. They are presented in the form of codes, which may be alphanumeric or exclusively alphabetic.
This type of coupon only allows a single use. Thus, if the customer does not use the full amount of the coupon, he will lose the right to the remaining balance.
The use of this type of coupon is not cumulative with each other or with other types of coupons, except for refund coupons. In turn, using this type of coupon does not allow coupon balance to accrue if there is a new balance accumulation campaign in place. That is, by applying a coupon earned in a previous campaign to an order, the customer will not be able to accrue balance with the campaign that is in effect to date.
The amount charged by the postage will not be paid by applying a balance accumulation coupon.
These coupons are valid for use within 90 days of activation.
Returning products purchased under coupon balance accumulation campaigns implies that the amount accumulated with them will be deducted from the amount to be refunded, provided that the coupon generated from the products has already been applied.
General Conditions of Use
The customer will have the power to decide which coupons to apply, at his discretion which type of coupon best fits his needs.
Applying any coupon implies entering and validating the code in the text box provided for the same purpose at the last step of order checkout.